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Grass Seeding & Preparation

Grass seeding by Bolton Turf & Landscapes Ltd ensures your lawn gets off to the right start and stays lush all year round.

Preparing The Ground

The secret to a good lawn from the initial grass seeding is in the preparation. With Bolton Turf & Landscapes Ltd at hand with all the necessary equipment, we can achieve a fantastic looking lawn for your outside space for a fraction of the price of laying turf.
The common process for our grass seeding service will include:

  • Taking Up & Removing All Present Growth
  • Rotovating The Area To Assist In Growth Removal & Levelling
  • Levelling The Area
  • Rolling The Area Level
  • Applying Top Soil To Level The Area
  • Seed Application
  • Enable The Seed To Germinate With Quality Soils

Our grass seeding service includes regular check-ins to ensure your lawn is germinating correctly so you are assured of a lush, green lawn. Alternatively, if you are looking for a turfing service where your garden will be ready straight away, take a look at our turf laying service.

Turf Laying

Local Grass Seeders

We know the soil and climate allowing us to sow the right seeds.

Preparation & Clearance

We clear old turf properly allowing the new seeds to flourish unabated.

Professional Gardeners

We have an excellent reputation. Check Our Google Reviews

Lawn Aeration

Develop healthier, stronger and more durable grass roots.

All Seasons

We can do grass seeding out of season in any month of the year.

New Builds

Grass seeding in new build houses, looking great and ready for resale.

20 Years Experience

Bedford & Milton Keynes


Create The Perfect Lawn

New Lawns

It’s important to remember that not all grass seeds are created equal. First, we’ll help you select the right seed variety based on your climate, soil and turf requirements. Next, we’ll prep the ground, broadcast the seed, and fertilize the soil according to best practices. Before we leave, we’ll provide you with instructions on when to water your soon to be lawn.

Over Seeding

Overseeding your lawn helps fill in any patchy spots or, when applied to the entire lawn, improves the overall density of your existing lawn. Spring or autumn are the best times for overseeding because the seed has had time to become established in the soil, and isn’t stressed from foot traffic, drought, or pests. This ensures better germination, and a more even finish.

Lawn Aeration

We can also provide overseeding with lawn aeration. Lawn aeration and overseeding work well together because the holes from aeration provide the seed with a perfect spot in the soil to germinate and grow by increasing the oxygen supply and flow of nutients.

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Lawn Maintenance After Seeding

Each treatment is tailored to the specific needs of your lawn. We can work with you after the seeds have germinated to keep your lawn in optimal condition. Please ask about this service to ensure the longevity and upkeep of your new lawn.

Garden Maintenance

Grass cutting, striping, treating, pruning and weeding. We can manicure your garden so it always looks at it's best.

Seasonal Treatments

Keep your grass in perfect shape by opting for one of our lawn treatments. We have different kinds of treatments for all seasons.

Moss & Weed Free

Keep your lawn in tip-top shape and improve your grasses eco-system with our annual moss and weed killing service.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We are experienced gardeners and turf specialists. Our aim is to leave you 100% satisfied with our service.

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