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Fencing & Sleepers

Fencing & traditional sleepers that are built for you. Expertly crafted and fitted in your outside space to last for years.

Fencing & Sleepers

We are a family run business based near Milton Keynes that supplies and installs all types of fencing, decking and sleepers. We also offer a range of associated services including bespoke gates and double gates, removal of bushes and brick walls, shed removal, and shed construction. Everything is fitted by our very own skilled and experienced friendly team.

Our decking and sleeper installations are perfect for large or small outside spaces. They are great to entertain your family or friends on. Everything is built to last for years, and is available in a range of woods from pines to teaks. All decking is designed and fitted exactly to your needs. The natural timber will transform your outside space – especially if it’s part of a wider garden landscaping project.

Driveway & Patio Cleaning

High Quality Timber

We only build our decking from high quality timber, with decking oil supplied if required.

Wall Removal

We can completely remove old walls when erecting fencing and make the area good.

Gates Fitted

Wrought iron or wooden fences, either single or double can be fitted perfectly to your fence.

Solid Sleepers

Solid sleepers designed and installed to act as retainers, a focal point, planters, or flower beds.

Bush & Tree Removal

Bushes, trees, and stumps can be removed when carrying out any joinery work.

Sheds & Outbuildings

Our joinery services also extend to building sheds & outbuildings. Get in touch with us to find more.

Example Work

Friendly Service


Fence Panels & Gates

Fence Design & Fitting

We install good quality fencing and gates, from closeboard to featheredge to standard panels. You choose it and we install it.

There are many types of panel on the market – we can install any type for you if you have seen one you like. All panels can be installed with either timber or slotted concrete posts.

Traditional closeboard fencing is built on site, with vertical featheredge boards fixed to arris rails. This type of fencing offers more flexibility than panels if you needed to avoid established trees or plants. It can also be easily constructed on slopes without the need for ‘stepping’. Even though we only use pressure treated timber, a gravel board will always be installed to protect your fence by preventing the grain of the timber from coming into contact with the ground.

We predominantly carry out most fencing work during the winter months, but please contact us at any time of the year to see if we can help outside of the season.

Garden Landscaping

Sleepers & Sheds

We can also construct solid sleepers or sheds in your garden. Our sleepers can be planters, retaining walls, or simply a design feature. With their natural materials, they will blend into your garden or outdoor space perfectly giving an authentic touch to the landscape. If you would like us to supply any sheds or outbuildings, get in touch and we can advise on what would be the best fit for your needs. Alternatively, if you would like to purchase a shed or outbuilding elsewhere, we can complete the construction for you including any necessary groundwork.

Construction Of Bases

We will construct a solid base for your shed or outbuilding to sit on. This could be a crushed gravel pad or a solid concrete base.

Shed Anchoring

We will anchor the building to a framework in the ground to ensure it is safe and secure. This ensures that the building stays solid.

Master Craftsmen

Our joiners have been working with wood for over 20 years. Your garden designs will be constructed to last for years.

Solid Sleepers

Our sleepers are extremely solid and made to blend in with your garden or outside space perfectly.

Artificial Turf